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CSLOG – Our trailers

CSLOG has trucks from the renowned manufacturer Renault and special trailers for semi-trailer for transporting long loads – tif bet, flat trailers “platforms” 13.60, but also connected “tow” vehicles for transporting long cargo

CSLOG – Trailer types

Whether the cargo you want is very long, extremely high, very wide, or extremely heavy, CSLOG has in its fleet all types of trailers that will enable safe transport from point A to point B, anywhere in the world.

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When transporting oversized cargo, it is very important to immediately determine the type of trailer with which the cargo will be transported. Some loads are very long, some are too wide, some are very high, and some are of optimal dimensions but are too heavy. For each of these cargoes, there is a type of trailer that would be the best fit for the cargo to be transported safely, and that is why it is very important that every company that deals with the transport of special cargo has a large a selection of different trailers in its fleet.

3-axle trailers

4-axle trailers

5-axle trailers

Towing trailers up to 21.5 m

Low loader trailers

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