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The company CSLOG was founded in 2005 and it specialized in the transport of oversized cargo in domestic and international transporation

Transportation of special and oversized

We have been transporting and tracking special cargo as CSLOG d.o.o. since 2005. Since the beginning, we managed to successfully transport cargo in domestic and international arena, with stellar planning and a dedicated team. The symbol of our company is an ant, a small but extremely diligent creature that can carry loads up to 10 times heavier than its own weight.

Technical accompaniment and coordination


As a rule, special and oversized transport is always accompanied by technical support and coordination. Our system of work includes detailed planning of the transport route, then accurate planning of the date and place of collection and delivery of cargo. After those security checks and optimally set plans, secure execution of cargo transport is done by our CSLOG company.

Domestic and international transport of all types of cargo


CSLOG, although specialized in oversized cargo, transports all other types of cargo throughout Serbia and the world. Due to the wide range of vehicles and trailers, we are able to transport almost any cargo over domestic and international freight.

How does the transport of special and oversized cargo actually work?

We at the CSLOG team believe that the key to everything is stellar preparation. Ever since our beginning in 2005, we have instilled in ourselves the vision that every detail is important, from the tire on the truck, to the cables and the tension, all the way to the drivers themselves. All this, of course, is preceded by a thorough planning of the route along which the convoy of the freight truck and the tracking of the shipping.

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We plan the route for you

Besides the transportation itself, most of the time is spent planning the route and this is a crucial step.

Conclusion of the contract

After we plan and agree on everything, we sign a contract with all the outlined items.

Execution of transport

After signing the contract, we perform loading, transport and unloading, in the shortest possible time, safely and always within the agreed time.

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CSLOG has built its brand reputation directly through precision in setting deadlines and transporting safely.

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Transportation and tracking of special cargo since 2005

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